Feb 27, 2015

Toddler Tula - Stitch Pattern

Both of my children have been on the large size their whole lives (generally above 95% for both height and weight). When my youngest was passing the 25lb mark and still 98% for height, I started to think about options for toddler wearing. I read a lot of reviews and ended up looking for a Toddler Tula, based on the great feedback from our local group.

I found a Toddler Tula in a print I liked on the Canadian Babywearing Swap and received it quickly from another lovely mama. I've already reviewed a standard size Tula (http://wrappedupwithyou.blogspot.com/2015/01/tula-standard-size.html), and the attributes for wearing were pretty well the same for the Toddler size, with one notable exception... This carrier was gigantic.

My giant baby was swallowed in the material of this carrier. It was so wide that he didn't come close to fitting in it properly (I know he was too young for it now), and the slightly longer panel did not help with the issues I had previously in making a seat. My 95% two and a half year old fit very comfortably in this carrier, but had no interest in being worn a the time.

I have no action shots of this carrier, because although it was lovely, we did not use it enough to keep it around for long.
Adorable kissing babies in lieu of action shot

The Verdict:
Pros: Affordable, fits larger children, easily obtainable from Canadian shops
Cons: So large - definitely for larger toddlers and preschoolers rather than big babies.
Recommendation: I would recommend this as a SSC for people looking to carry children 15 months +. I now have another carrier with the same dimensions that comfortably fits a huge 19 month old, with room to grow.

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