Mar 5, 2015

Pavo Plume (Size 5)

I read a lot of reviews online and through Facebook, and had seen many amazing things said about a relatively new company (at the time) Pavo Textiles. I perused their website and was excited to see a size 5 Pavo Plume available for sale, so I scooped it up. Usually, most colourways and patterns of these wraps are sold out within seconds of being added to the site, so I was excited to be able to try one.

I received the wrap with a lovely tote bag from Pavo on the same day a custom handwoven arrived... one of my most epic fluffy mail days ever.
Epic fluffy mail day 
While waiting for it to arrive, someone pointed out on a chat board that the pattern reminded her of big blue vaginas. You can't unsee that. So, I affectionately referred to this as my lady bits wrap.

Out of the bag, this thing was burlap. No, cardboard. Cardboard mixed with burlap overlaid by burnt toast. It was beastly. I washed it according to directions and tried it out. It was certainly very supportive, and I could see right away the amazing stretch that people had been raving about. However, I found it very difficult to get a nice chest pass or to make my passes land in the right spot because of the grip.

I spent a couple weeks dragging this through rings, braiding it, and hammocking with it. It began to get much more malleable, and I began liking it a lot more. I took my two and a half year old for a spin in it also, and found the support to be great even for a heavier child.

However, the grip was a bit too much for my liking, and it was a bit too thick for a long wrap for us, so it moved along to another home. I've tried many Pavos since this first one, and have found the grip and weight of them to be too much for us, so perhaps we just aren't Pavo people.

Horrible chest passes
The Verdict:
Pros: Beautiful, great diagonal stretch, great support
Cons: Beastly to break in, difficult to obtain new
Recommendation: If you like thickness, support, and grip, you should try out a Pavo. If not, maybe Pavo isn't for you. I've felt a couple of their newer blends that had much less texture including some of the menagerie line, but I still haven't found the Pavo love.

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