Jun 5, 2015

Didymos Purple Love (size 3)

I bought a size three Didymos Purple Love from a local mama on impulse, after trying it on at a meetup. The cotton was very sturdy, and it felt lovely in a ruck with my son, who was about 24lbs at the time. The cotton felt thicker in hand than most of my other Didys I had tried, I believe it was the first all cotton jacquard woven wrap that was not in the style of Indio/Sambia, so it felt very flat in comparison.

I found this wrap felt similar in hand to the Pavo San Diego Stripes I used to own, though they wrapped differently. I didn't find the Didy as hard on my shoulders as the Pavo, though I am not sure what the difference in weave between the two is.

I did not keep this shorty in my stash for very long. Although I liked it, I also purchased Audrey around the same time, and two purple size 3 wraps were not necessary in my stash at the time. :) I sold it locally for the same great deal I received on it, I am not even sure if I have action photos of the short stint it had here!
Purple Love next to Harry's Love
The Verdict:
Pros: Beautiful, comfortable
Cons: None I can think of
Recommendation: If you like solid, cotton wraps, and you like to motif on this wrap, I would say go for it! It was a lovely, all around wrap.

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