Jun 12, 2015

Lenny Lamb Checked Wild West Wrap Conversion Ergonomic Carrier - Toddler sized

I have never been a fan of buckle carriers, they never seem to fit me well and I always find pressure spots that I can never quite get comfortable. I had been hoping to try a wrap conversion buckle carrier for a long time, as I prefer the floppiness of wraps to canvas in general, but could not wrap my head around all of the options and price of those. I was so excited when I saw Lenny Lamb was coming out with a buckle carrier... at a great price too! There were many colours to choose from, and I decided on Checked Wild West diamond weave, as I love orange and blue together. I purchased a toddler size, as my youngest was a large 15 month old at the time.

It arrived within two weeks from Poland, which I thought was super speedy. I tried it out for a long walk with the little man on my back. It took me a little while to figure out how to adjust all of the straps, as there are PFAs and the buckles pull both to the front and the back. Plus, I was used to the Tula waistband which is more structured than t

his one, so I had to find a good spot on my waist to set it. Once I finally figured it out though, I was very comfortable. My son was able to sit up nice and high, and I had the shoulder straps on one of the tightest settings (I am 5'4 and size 6 or so, for reference).

The material was super floppy right out of the bag, and it didn't seem to get stuck on my son's back like the canvas of the Tulas did when I was pulling the panel up over him on my back. It was very soft, and the colours were so vibrant.

I had trouble figuring out how to put the carrier on for a front carry with the straps crossed, but when I figured it out I found it much more comfortable than other SSCs I had used without crossable straps. My son had some great naps in this carrier, and at no point did I feel digging from the straps on my back as I was accustomed to with other buckle carriers.
Even preschooler approved

I had some friends try this carrier out who were very petite and the straps did not adjust tight enough for them, so this would be something to keep in mind if you are tiny.

I sold this carrier after using it for most of the Summer. So far it is my favourite buckle carrier, but I am still a WCMT/wrap lover at heart, and found myself using those options over this lovely carrier.

The Verdict:
Pros: Affordable, beautiful, comfortable, crossable straps, folds up small
Cons: Does not cinch very small for super petite adult wearers
Recommendation: I recommend this carrier to almost anyone looking for a comfortable and beautiful SSC. As long as you aren't super petite, this carrier will likely work for you!

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