Dec 9, 2014

Boba Air

With my oldest son we mostly used buckles. I loved our Ergo SSC, but found it a bit bulky for travel or the diaper bag. When I saw the announcements for the Boba Air SSC that could fold up so small, I ordered one from a local retailer immediately.

I selected the black colour, which I think was the only one available at the time. I believe there are now more options available.

My first impression was that the carrier material felt just like a windbreaker. I tried it on with my 25lb toddler, and was very impressed with how comfortable it was for having no padding at all. I tried it for a quick walk around the block, and was satisfied that I had chosen a great car carrier.

This carrier was mostly used as a backup for the car, short grocery trips, and thrown in the bottom of the stroller as a just in case carrier. I never wore it for longer than 30 minutes at a time with my toddler. I did, however, wear my 15lb younger son in it for an impromtu hike for about an hour with no discomfort.

This was a lifesaver on a cross-country trip we took where we had a stopover for an hour in an airport, so had to get on and off the plane with as little luggage as possible.

The verdict:
Pros: Small, lightweight
Cons: No padding
Recommendation: I would recommend this as a backup carrier to anyone who enjoys buckle carriers. It comfortably fit my son until just over 25lbs, when I churned it.

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