Dec 16, 2014

SLS Natty Ashton - CUSH (Size 6)

I had the absolute pleasure of trying on a friend's SLS Natty Ashton in a size 6 this past week. I figured I should jot down my thoughts before forgetting all about it.

The wrap is very dense in hand, but so soft. It looks and feels a little bit like your grandmother's old beloved white lap blanket. I can see why it would have the tendency to have pulls, but the texture the weave gives to this wrap is amazing.

I wrapped my friend's small baby with the wrap, so I can't yet speak to whether or not it is toddler worthy. I hope to try it again sometime with one of my larger kiddos to get a sense of the support of this wrap.

For how thick it is, it still isn't quite as thick to wrap with as I imagined it would be. When I think of thick, I think Pavo, where it can be a bit unwieldy. This was nothing like a Pavo. It was soft and mouldable even with only one wash prior to me trying it. It was floppy, and wrapped so easily in the FWCC I tried with it.

The amount of grip was lovely, I managed to tie off with just a single knot, and it didn't slip at all the whole time.

Though this was a size 6, it felt short to me. This could have been due to the fatty-ness (it's a word now), but whatever the reason, I would recommend sizing up. It was SO CUSHY on my shoulders. The tiny baby I was wrapping was lighter than air in it. I can't wait to try it again once one of my large guys is more agreeable.

The Verdict:
Pros: Cush, soft, squishy, good texture, good price
Cons: Natty (is this a con?), sold out everywhere and now sells for Market Value :P
Recommended for: Anyone. Seriously, you need to try this wrap! I can't wait to give it a test with a larger kiddo and some back wrapping. Thanks to my great friend for letting me try it out!

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