Dec 4, 2014

Didymos Orient (Size 6)

The first true woven wrap I ever owned was Orient. My husband bought me a size 6 (4.6m) as an anniversary present. When I received the box from Birdies Room I was so overwhelmed with the amount of fabric! Before this, I had only ever wrapped with a stretchy wrap or a gauze wrap, and I was so intimidated by this beautiful length of fabric.

It felt very stiff out of the box, not quite burlap, but perhaps a slightly softer cousin. I gave it a wash and a quick tumble to partially dry it, before hanging to dry the rest of the way. Right away I noticed the Orient "crinkle" effect on the fabric, but thankfully, I had done enough research to expect this. 

It felt so much softer after this first wash. I diligently practiced my FWCC with this wrap, and it soon became my favourite carrier. Once I got more into wrapping and had tried a variety of wraps, I realised what a unique beauty I had for my first wrap. I ended up selling the size 6 to purchase a size 5, and noted that the newer release was about an inch wider than my old one. 

This wrap is super squishy, and makes a wonderful newborn wrap. It is also supportive enough for toddlers in multi-pass carries, though I would not recommend it as a ruck wrap. The crinkles make it fluff up nicely on the shoulders, and it wraps super snug, moulding nicely. It has just enough grip to keep passes where they are put. 

The verdict:
Pros: Squishy, soft, mouldable, right amount of grip, available often.
Cons: Narrow - my first version ran about 25 inches, and my second is just over 26 inches. Neither have been dried fully in the dryer ever.
Recommendation: I would recommend this wrap to anyone except pre-school wearers, only due to the width. It can easily go from newborn to toddler, and with careful wrapping could accommodate the biggest wrapees. It would probably be best in multi-pass carries for larger wrapees. The colours are beautiful, so if they float your boat... you should try it!

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