Dec 22, 2014

Kindercoat - Three coats in one!

Last winter I decided to purchase a Suse's Kindercoat to keep my littest warm throughout our cold, Canadian winter. I am usually a size 6-8, so ordered a size medium. The medium was HUGE on me. It looked like I was wearing my father's jacket. I sold it to a local mama and purchased a size small instead.

The small fit a bit better, but on our first outing with our new coat the elastic on the waist snapped when I cinched it. Suse's offered to pay for the repair at a local seamstress for me, so I had it repaired.

Worn alone, this coat fit a bit large, but with the panel and baby in it was a good fit for us.

The coat has two separate layers, a fleece layer, and a water resistant/wind breaker layer. Together they are very toasty and warm, even on the coldest days. My only complaint about warmth is due to the slight draft I would get down the back opening when front-wearing my little guy.

The coat was not the most flattering, as it was a bit boxy. It certainly got the job done of keeping us warm though. I appreciated the separate fleece in the Spring especially when we still needed the extra layer to keep us warm, but it wasn't freezing temperatures.

The panels had a separate hood for baby, which was adorable. However, it was a bit difficult to make it stay on, so it was a bit impractical in the long run. I didn't use the hoods very often, but I did appreciate the little bit of protection when we were caught in a downpour.

I found it a bit difficult to get the whole coat on for back wearing, as with the two pieces put together it is quite a heavy coat. It took some trial and error, but eventually we figured it out.

The neck cover piece that came up on the front to cover the exposed skin between myself and baby was a good idea, but I found it a bit awkward when he tried to go to sleep and had this piece of material touching his face. As the outer material of the windbreaker layer is not the softest, I had to wonder if it was very comfortable for him.

Snuggling in our fleece layer

The Verdict:
Pros: Warm, separate fleece and waterproof layer, baby hood, neck cover
Cons: Boxy, fits large, sleeves run a bit short for tall people, quality is not the highest
Recommendation: If you are looking for something that will get you through all seasons in comfort, without breaking the bank, then this is your coat. If you are looking for something stylish or flattering, perhaps this coat is not for you.

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