Dec 7, 2014

Natibaby Nature of America (Size 6)

My very first wrap that wasn't 100% cotton was a BNIB Natibaby Nature of America 30% linen blend. I purchased it directly from Natibaby, and looking back, it probably wasn't the best wrap for my tiny baby and a fairly inexperienced wrapper.

BNIB, the thing literally stood by itself. I washed it, braided it, beat it in the dryer with dryer balls, hammocked it... and still it was a beast. We wrapped with it often to try and break it in. I even wrapped a sack of potatoes in it to try to break it in further. Sadly, this beast was too much for us, and ended up being passed along without the chance for a thorough review.
The beast and I ever so gently cradle a sack of potatoes.
For awhile, this experience scared me completely off of blends. I'm glad I came to my sense eventually.

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